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  • Regional validation & adaptation
  • Hybrid seed production technology
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JMax™ Hybrid Seeds

SGB has developed the world's first line of elite, high-performing Jatropha hybrids with significantly greater yields and profitability compared to existing commercial material. SGB's JMax™ hybrid seeds result in greater yield, uniformity and vigor, while significantly reducing handling and deployment costs for growers.

SGB's rigorous scientific program provides a continuous pipeline of attributes and trait improvements, enabling JMax™ hybrids to reach their full genetic yield potential while maintaining performance in adverse environments.

Key attributes and traits include:

  • Improved seed & oil yield
  • Early flowering
  • Variety in plant habit
  • Better utilization of water and nutrients
  • Greater plant vigor
  • Early seedling vigor
  • Early fruiting
  • Compact fruit clusters
  • Uniform ripening
  • Disease & pest resistance/tolerance
  • Time to maturity

JMax™ Hybrids Exhibit Superior
Features and Benefits

Key Hybrid Attributes Benefits to Growers
Higher Yield: Allow crop to reach its full genetic yield potential Increased Profitability: Enhance seed and oil yield performance for better ROI per hectare
Improved Plant Health: Better utilization of water and nutrients; Improved disease resistance, insect tolerance and stress tolerance Preserve Yield Potential: Maintain yield in adverse environments
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Hybrid Seed Production Technology

SGB's proprietary technology for the mass production of hybrid Jatropha seeds enables a significant production increase over traditional propagation methods. SGB's JMax™ hybrid seed production technology:

  • Quickly scales large Jatropha projects with consistent, high yielding hybrid Jatropha.
  • Facilitates production of the large volumes of low-cost crude Jatropha oil required by major energy, oil and transportation consumers.
  • Requires 1/50th the land needed to produce clonal plants by vegetative propagation, with the added benefits of hybrid vigor, strong tap roots and overall improved plant health.

JMax™ hybrids have been tested and developed for a range of climatic and soil conditions. Through its research and development program, SGB continues to expand the regions for which JMax™ hybrid seeds are available.

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